Culture Chat Podcast: Getting Intentional with Steve Browne

September 6, 2018

Why do intention and commitment matter so much at work? In this episode we talk to long-time HR pro and author of the new book "HR on Purpose,"  Steve Browne. He talks about developing a deliberate people passion and redefining what HR is.

Culture Chat Podcast: Transforming Culture & Purpose into Brands that Matter

August 3, 2018

Can brand be extended to organizational culture? In this episode we talk to Mona Amodeo, PhD, author of the forthcoming book “Beyond the Sizzle: The Next Evolution of Branding,” to find out. Special guest host and WorkXO Managing Director, Ed Bodensiek, explores the book’s central argument – that culture and purpose can and should be used to transform organizations into brands that matter.

The Culture Chat Podcast: Aligned Workplace Cultures Take Intention, Deliberation, and Work!

May 31, 2018

In this episode we hear from Jennifer Marszalek, Chief Talent Officer with Havas Chicago on the extent to which she, her team, and her organization go to "walk the talk" when it comes to their workplace culture. They've gone far beyond the lip service many organizations still pay culture. They take the time, make the investment, and dedicate the resources to making sure everything they do - the way they behave, the things they say, the way they work - reinforces and clarifies the things that drive their success. There are no questions about it - whether you're on the inside looking in or on the inside looking out. It's this kind of intentional culture management work that can become a differentiator for your business. And it certainly has for them.

The Culture Chat Podcast: Flexibility is an Outcome, Not a Program

April 13, 2018

In this episode, Lotus Yon, Director of Human Resourceas and Learning with Northwest Community Healthcare, shares her experience around creating a workplace culture that brings flexibility to life. This is not about policies and programs; it's about embedding, ingraining, and infusing the lifestyle of flexibility into our very fabric. It's about creating a culture that reinforces and clarifies the importance of flexibility at every turn - the way we act, the way we interact, and the way we work. We explore the difference between work-life-balance and work-life-integration. And we impart some wisdom around really meaning flexibility when we say "flexibility."     

The Culture Chat Podcast: Using Culture to Attract the Right Candidates

March 6, 2018

In this episode, Dina Gallay, Senior Director at The Steely Group, shares her first-hand experience with organizations that use a deeper understanding and appreciation for their cultures in attracting the right candidates to their business. We explore the importance to truth-telling, brand messaging with the appropriate color and context, and going beyond the same-old-same-old buzz words in how we describe what it's really like to work there. We talk about the difference between "good" candidates and "right" candidates. And we surface some ideas for getting a bit more introspective around measuring, analyzing, and understanding our workplace culture

The Culture Chat Podcast: Going Beyond Lip Service to Inclusion

February 27, 2018

In this episode, we chat with Joe Gerstandt, keynote speaker, thought leader, advisor, consultant and sage in the world of inclusion. Charlie and Joe discuss how poorly misunderstood inclusion and diversity really are in the workplace and Joe clarifies how companies that "get it" are using it as a true competitive advantage. Saying inclusion is important to us (and we all say it) is one thing; but Joe gives us some tips for measuring and monitoring it so that we know it’s having the intended impact. Get this and more from this month’s episode of the Culture Chat Podcast. Listen to (and/or download) to learn more.  

The Culture Chat Podcast: Bringing Organizational Values to Life

January 23, 2018

In this episode, we chat with Sanja Licina, Ph.D., Future of Organizations at Globant, about the challenges organizations face in bringing their values to life. How do companies that are crystal clear on what they value make sure they back it up with authentic context, color and identity? How do they weave that identity into the fabric of culture so that it reinforces and clarifies what's truly valued at every turn? Sanja has a built a career around helping organizations create cultures that do that exactly - and she shares her experiences with us. Listen to (and/or download) this episode to learn more.

The Culture Chat Podcast: The Evolution of Performance Management

January 9, 2018

In this episode, we chat with Jason Lauritsen, Keynote Speaker / Author / Consultant, about all things performance management. It is at the center of what we refer to as workforce operating systems fueling a more meaningful employee experience yet has a reputation as something managers don't like issuing and employees don't like receiving. But it doesn't have to be that way. Jason and Charlie talk about the evolution of performance management as a means to employees willingly choosing to give their all and have a meaningful experience with their company. Jason lays it all out in this episode now available for download.

The Culture Chat Podcast: Identifying and Overcoming Fear in the Workplace

December 19, 2017

In this episode, we chat with Kirsty Spraggon, International Motivational Keynote Speaker / Author / Producer / TV Host. Kirsty's work deals lot with the strongest human emotion: Fear. How does fear factor into the modern workplace? How does she see fear showing up in workplace culture? How can we get better at identifying it, and what are the next steps in addressing fear in the workplace after it's been identified? Download this episode to find out!

The Culture Chat Podcast: Embracing the Future of Work

December 4, 2017

In this episode, we chat with Kris Dunn, CHRO, Partner, Kinetix about his journey from college hoops to HR, with an emphasis on workplace culture. Charlie and Kris talk about disrupting the traditional paradigms of work, the role HR plays in challenging historical norms of not questioning the status quo and how your organization can get more comfortable with that evolution and the Future of Work. Kris is not like other HR people, and we mean that as a compliment!